100 Questions about Women Who Dared trivia book for kids

100 Questions About Women Who Dared

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History is full of women who shook things up, broke through barriers, and changed the world! Find out all about them here!

  • This fun, fact-packed book will acquaint young readers with female singers, engineers, explorers, warriors, and many other daring women.
  • From those whose achievements brought them fame to those whose accomplishments went unsung, from ancient heroines to modern activists, get to know the women who dreamed big dreams and made them realities!
  • Question-and-answer format breaks down information into manageable chunks.
  • Informal, kid-friendly language is breezy and fun.
  • Jokes and riddles sprinkled throughout add to the appeal.
  • Full-color.
  • Ages 7 and up.
  • Book measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.
  • Peter Pauper Press- 100 Questions About Women Who Dared Trivia education book for kids