Dear Santa, I Know It Looks Bad but it Wasn’t My Fault!

Dear Santa, I Know It Looks Bad but it Wasn’t My Fault!

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Santa may or may not have heard about to the contrary can be fully explained.

So, Scalawag sets out to write Santa a series of letters in anticipation of Christmas, clearing up any potential misunderstandings, and of course, expressing his Christmas gift wish -- a Catman and Robin video game! But when one incident involves the Christmas tree catching on fire, and Miss Violet (Scalawag's ever-loving, nurturing, and forgiving caretaker) ending up in the emergency room, Scalawag gets a new perspective on things. He writes one last letter to Santa asking him to forget about the video game, and instead asks him to bring a different gift . . . one that expresses the true warmth and spirit of Christmas.


  • 40 pages.
  • Picture book measures 9-3/4'' wide x 10'' high.
  • Full-color throughout.
  • Sturdy hardcover binding with dust jacket.

    Norma Lewis lives in Grand Haven, Michigan, with a cat coincidentally named Scalawag. He did not inspire the cat-astrophic shenanigans described in this or any other book, but she knows he could and lives in fear that he will. This is Norma's fifth book for children. Olivia Beckman worked for years in graphic design and magazine layout until one day her inner little bird whispered to her that it was time to focus on the type of illustration that inspired her to study the Fine Arts in the first place -- children's art! She feels very lucky to illustrate children's books -- and especially loves drawing people doing everyday activities, animals with fluffy fur, and mischievous cats.